You can tweak the generation of nCine project files with the following CMake options and variables:


    If this variable is set all the following options and variables will be set accordingly in order to produce a binary only or a developer distribution of the nCine. The two allowed values are “BinDist” and “DevDist” respectively.


    You can set this option to enable or disable the compilation of test programs. Should you enable it make sure to have cloned the data repository as well.


    By enabling this option the nCine installation package will include all the files that support development.


    This option will enable the use of extra optimization compiler flags when in Release mode (mostly autovectorization).


    This option will enable report generation from compiler auto-vectorization.


    By enabling this option the engine will be compiled as a dynamic library. Otherwise it will be compiled as a static library. The latter will allow the compilation of additional tests but needs more work from the developer.

    When the engine is compiled as a static library any project using it needs to add the NCINE_STATIC preprocessor definition and link to all the dynamic libraries on which the engine normally depends.


    By enabling this option Doxygen will be invoked to create the HTML based API documentation and an install target will be set up by CMake.


    When this option is enabled, the generated documentation will include implementation classes.


    By enabling this option CMake will export all shader files in a single file of C strings to be included in engine sources.


    This option will build the Android version of the engine.


    This string should be set to the path of the directory containing the Android NDK. If this string is empty then the ANDROID_NDK_HOME, ANDROID_NDK_ROOT and ANDROID_NDK environment variables will be queried in this order.


    This string sets the path to the data directory to be embedded in example tests.


    This option enables the AddressSanitizer memory error detector of GCC and Clang compilers.


    This option enable the memory corruption mitigation methods of the GCC compiler.


    This string should be set to the path of the directory containing the tests data files.


    This string should be set to the path of the directory containing the MSVC dependency libraries.