The culmination of five months of work is finally here: nCine 2019.10.

Some of the highlights for this release are:

  • Emscripten is supported as target platform: you can use the nCine for web games! :spider_web:
  • New AngelCode’s FNT format parser
  • When you compile the engine you can choose to disable the support for various dependency libraries and features
  • The user can now query the available fullscreen video modes on PC and choose one
  • Fixes and enhancements to OpenAL implementation
  • It is possible to defer shader checks and queries for a decreased starting time
  • Refactoring of the clock and timestamp classes
  • Update of Tracy integration to v0.5
  • Update of ImGui integration to v1.73

During the same time there has been a lot of work in side projects with the addition of:

  • ncline, the nCine command line tool
  • ncTemplate, a template project for applications and games made with the nCine
  • ncInvaders, a simplified version of Space Invaders made with the nCine

The site have also been updated with:

  • A web-tests page for you to run all tests, tools and games in the browser
  • A gallery with a selection of screenshots and videos
  • A download section
  • A video tutorials page with a list of video from the YouTube channel
  • A donate page that allows you to support and sponsor future development