1. How do you pronounce “nCine”?

    I like to think it is pronounced as in “n-scene”.

  2. Why the name?

    The name is a combination of “engine” and “Encelo”, my nickname on the internet. :smile:

  3. What does the logo represent?

    The logo unifies all the letters that form the name of the project in a single entity. This concept is evident when you have a look at the banner image used for Android TV.

  4. Why don’t you use the STL? Why implementing a subset from scratch?

    The main purpose of this project is learning new things. Reimplementing template based containers, iterators and algorithms gave me enough confidence to handle templates in C++.

    Having used Google Test and Google Benchmark also gave me enough confidence to know that it somehow works and sometimes performs well. :wink:

  5. Are you going to support feature “X”?

    The project is a constant work in progress but my spare time is limited and many basic functionalities are not there yet. You can help immensely by trying to develop something with the features that are available now and by giving me feedback about how to improve things.

    If you feel generous you can also support the project with a donation. :pray:

  6. Is the engine going to be limited to two dimensions forever?

    Supporting a third dimension is a very tempting but also demanding job. Currently I have more pressing features on my to-do list.