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Jazz² Resurrection

The C++ version of the original reimplementation made with a custom version of the nCine


ncJump, the platform game made with the nCine by Fahien, running on the Steam Deck


Creating an animated tree in the wind with SpookyGhost

JugiMap Framework Demos

A video showing the ncJugiMapGuiDemo

A video showing the ncJugiMapSpriteTimelineAnimation demo

A video showing the ncJugiMapParallaxScrolling demo

A video showing the ncJugiMapFrameworkDemo

nCine projects

A video showing some features of ncParticleEditor

Gameplay video of ncInvaders

Gameplay video of ncPong

nCine features

nCine Custom Shaders Test

Node inspector in the debug overlay interface

apptest_anchor, an example about advanced sprite features

nCine Custom Memory Allocators Test

nCine as a custom Qt5 widget

Watch the ImGui debug overlay in action