ImGui debug overlay and profilers
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Lua integration for scripting
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OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 3.0 rendering
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Spritesheet based animated sprites
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Scenegraph based transformations
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Particle simulation with affectors
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Sound and music playing
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Text rendering with kerning
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Support for multiple texture formats
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Profiler graphs and statistics
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Works on multiple platforms
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Template containers and algorithms
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Additional features

  • Fully C++11 compliant codebase
  • High precision monotonic timers
  • Atomic counters
  • Thread pool creation, synchronization and affinity assignment
  • Basic math lbrary for vectors, 4x4 matrices and quaternions
  • Logging system with multiple levels and console or file output
  • GLFW 3 or SDL 2 for window and input on PC
  • Joystick support with hot swap
  • Android assets support
  • Clean separation between implementation and interface classes
  • Google Test based unit tests with coverage checked with Gcovr
  • Microbenchmarked with the Google Benchmark support library
  • Doxygen based documentation with Graphviz class diagrams
  • Periodically checked with Cppcheck and Valgrind
  • Periodically linted with Artistic Style and Uncrustify
  • Instrumentation for the Tracy frame profiler

Long-term roadmap

  • Add an ECS system and BVH based scene culling
  • Add a collision detection and response system
  • Separate game, input and audio update in different threads
  • Refine the thread-pool system and expose it to the user API
  • Implement a Camera node for the scenegraph
  • Custom user shaders and post-processing
  • Add a 2D skeletal animation system
  • Insert iterators in order to support more algorithms