Some screenshots to show nCine projects, tests and features

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Fireman Fireman, a GMTK Game Jam 2023 entry made by Ana30

Jazz² Resurrection

Jazz² Resurrection Jazz² Resurrection, the C++ version of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 reimplementation project by DeathKiller


ncJump ncJump, a platform game with Box2D physics and an ImGui editor made with the nCine by Fahien


ncTiledViewer ncTiledViewer, a Tiled maps viewer made with the nCine


ncTracer ncTracer, an ImGui front-end to the pmTracer library made with the nCine


SpookyGhost SpookyGhost, a procedural sprite animation tool made with the nCine

JugiMap Framework Demos

ncJugiMapGuiDemo ncJugiMapGuiDemo, a demo test for JugiMap integration framework

ncJugiMapSpriteTimelineAnimation ncJugiMapSpriteTimelineAnimation, a demo test for JugiMap integration framework

ncJugiMapParallaxScrolling ncJugiMapParallaxScrolling, a demo test for JugiMap integration framework

ncJugiMapFrameworkDemo ncJugiMapFrameworkDemo, a demo test for JugiMap integration framework


ncParticleEditor ncParticleEditor, an ImGui and Lua based tool made with the nCine


ncPong ncPong, the example game project distributed with the nCine

ncPong Lua Part of the source code of the Lua version of ncPong


ncInvaders ncInvaders, a simplified version of Space Invaders distributed with the nCine


ImGui overlay ImGui based debug overlay

RenderDoc capture A RenderDoc capture of apptest_sinescroller that shows degenerate triangles used for batching

Tracy capture A Tracy capture of apptest_camera compared to a different version of the same test

apptest_camera apptest_camera, a high count sprite example to test batching and culling

apptest_simdbench apptest_simdbench, a tool to benchmark SIMD performance that loads and saves results through Lua tables

apptest_sinescroller apptest_sinescroller, a small homage to old-skool demoscene sine scrollers